Fire Suppression System


Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a building or vehicle. Suppression systems uses combination of Gaseous, Dry Chemical and Wet Chemical Agents to suppress machinery fires. Facilities that contain flammable or combustible liquids require Fire Suppression Systems like Novec, FM 200, Inergen, Dry Chemical or Wet Chemical. These systems use gaseous or chemical agents specially designed to extinguish the fire’s source. In some cases, the code only requires a fire sprinkler system. But a facility’s owner may decide to install a specific system in order to protect certain items from water damage. The following provides insight into each type of fire suppression system and their common applications. Fire Damage to commercial properties or a computer server room / Datacenters can be tremendously reduced when a fire suppression system is kept into place. Without Fire Suppression System, you risk losing valuable time and business assets if a fire emergency occurs.

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